Thursday, September 14, 2006

Philip Hutchinson , Stephen Ryder Casebook member abuses and libels more people who complain, have a look here.

One of the most vicious libelling thugs, Philip Hutchinson, has instantly started up libelling other authors again, and his acts are exposed here.
Incase Ryder has disarmed the link, put:

into your toolbar.

Philip, in response to a web announcement that ran:

Hello All, The Whitechapel Society 1888 can confirm a full programme of speakers for 2006. We kick off our new season this Saturday, February 4th 2006 at 'The Princess Alice' pub, Commercial St, London E1 at 7.30pm. Our speaker is Stuart Sullivan and his presentation is, 'JACK THE RIPPER: A PSYCHOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION.' Stuart told The Whitechapel Society, "My research was conducted without any preconceptions and as a result, I believe this suspect, Thomas Donoghue, is as viable as any who have been suggested as the murderer." Stuart has maintained an interest in the Whitechapel Murders for over 20 years and we look forward this talk with great anticipation.
We hope to see you there!
Best Wishes,
Frogg Moody.

Wrote the following:

George Hutchinson

Casebook Supporter
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Guildford, Surrey, England
Posts: 870

Ooh goody. My parents read that toilet paper. I'll get them to save it for me. I'll be interested to hear what is said about the Ripper sites; one has a vested interest, you know. Who did they consult, Adrian?

__________________ Tour guides do it loudly in front of a crowd! ( Philip's signature.)

(end of copied message)

They certainly do, don't they? In front of a very big crowd , every time. Their reputations result.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Briefly to alert our readers to the fact that Karen Trenouth is going round the internet pretending to be a policeman.

Do you want this in the Sudbury Star Karen? If not cut it out.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Sudbury starlet Karen Trenouth, who solved the Ripper murders last month, is celebrating a new find; a four legged chicken.

" I told my neighbours but they refuse to believe it," she claims. " They just shake their heads and walk away".
Karen, encouraged by recent book sales, is pleased with her new find. "I was nipping out of the house yesterday morning, when it sauntered up the yard, looking left and right, waddling in this unusual manner. That's a four legged chicken! I said to myself immediatley. I hurried it indoors."
Trenouth's husband, Dan, wasn't available for comment. 'I've got work to do.' he explained.
"I set it down on the table and said look, Dan- (that's my husband)- but he didn't look up from his newspaper. I knew it was one of a kind."" That Romanian chicken was 'a false strutter'" Karen insists. "This is this one."
Trenouth is thinking of setting up a mobile kebab van, but fears local Freemasons will interfere. They have boycotted her writers evenings ever since her book appeared and she has received a trowel in the post, though this might be from Ripperologists intent on burying her chick. They are professional saboteurs, says Karen: worse than animal rights activists.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Important further information added.
He uses the ebay pseudonym: 'Gruesomemuggins'
Philip Hutchinson

Alert: Stephen Ryder's Ripperologists Philip Hutchinson Bob Hinton & Stan Russo have been discovered to be behind paypal frauds. Dan Norder and Tom Wescott are also said to be active. Paypal have been alerted to this. They are helping themselves to Paypal accounts and shopping with them on e-bay. This is done by sending false emails designed to obtain peoples Paypal addresses and bank accounts.
Their victims have got all the evidence, as have police to this date.
These are the sort of bogus communications to look out for: (victim's internet identities hav been deleted to protect them, and the transaction number has been altered to shield the investigation from intrusion.)

Follow this link to see the email from PayPal concerned.

A couple of cretins have required it to be spelt out to them that these Paypal emails are bogus e-mails designed to encourage people to give their bank and paypal details to Wescott, Hutchinson and Russo. Yes, they are. (How is that unclear? Idiots! Please refrain from idiot emails). For the reasonable question: the link the bogus email provides does actually point to Paypal, but via a link that enables the authors of this scam to moniter and obtain your Paypal account and banking details. If you receive such a mail do not click on the links, report it to us.

If you receive such an email, Stephen Ryder's and How Brown's ripperologists are at work. Report it to us directly.
Further to this, we have received the important information that Philip Hutchinson and Stan Russo have attempted to pass themselves off on ebay under the pseudonym 'gruesomemuggins'. It has been shut down several times by e-bay but they always manage to re-open it, according to our information. We believe this ebay address may have been used to purchase items with stolen Paypal addresses. We are unable to pass this by SSR1 as he is not here.

SSR1 is away on holiday, but we'll (SSR 3-7) be here all the same.
Karen Trenouth, ripperologist and author of 'Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders' is accused in rotation of being an aravicious opportunist, a psychopath, a plagiarist, a liar, a theif, a stalker, and a fantasist. These accusations come from the notorious and redundant members of Stephen Ryder's Jack the Ripper Casebook, a good number of whom have long stretching criminal records and long histories of stalking and internet abuse- such as for example Philip Hutchinson, Stan Russo, Tom Wescott and Bob Hinton.

Her thesis, drawn upon internet searches in Canada, revolves around an allegation that Mary Kelly was a cheap prostitute who discovered that Eddy and his mates were gay pedos, which brought about alot of Eddy's freemasons coming to the rescue to murder her, including Eddy himself.

What is the actual case against her personality, sifting through comments made by these demented jackals ( Stephen Ryder's Casebook ripperologists.) ? Is there one?

Apart from that toilet?

We think she's just a bit of a talentless grasping opportunist. There isn't a psychopath here.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stan Russo.

Recently we pointed out the habits of author Stan Russo, ripperologist, and warned readers about his gorilla like status in a blog erected especially for the purpose. Readers complained, saying he has the manners of a baboon.
He has opened a blog with Bob Hinton, designed to criticise this one, called Flawed -Epiphany. The whole thing's an utter waste of time. But they don't see that point.
It was consequently pointed out by our astute readership that he was probably the son of the assassinated mystery hybrid killed at the side of the road in Australia. Detectives are still exploring this possibility, but Stan Russo has violently objected and insisted he can prove he's a perverted ape.

Stan Russo is contemplating legal proceedings against us. Here's a photo his lawyers sent us:

An excersise for all the family
Rid yourselves of Stephen Ryder's
'Jack the Ripper Casebook'.

The SSR team are taking a short break: since it's very quiet this week compared to the last few, this seems like the time to take a well earned break.

Take time during this period to rid yourselves of all information acquired through 'Casebook: Jack the Ripper.'

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Karen Trenouth has been championed by her local newspaper, the Sudbury Star. Apparently her book, which 'points the finger at Freemasons', sparks calls for a boycott.
Can anyone tell us which calls these are, and which influential Freemasons are targeting Karen's book with a boycott excersise as a result, as we are at a loss to discover it.
Our comment was that our opinion was that the book was too daft to annoy an educated Freemason, despite its mentioning Cleveland Street.

There is no need to repeat anything here, but we have clearly stated that there is no baphomet in the picture that Karen Trenouth presents and that accusing 'Prince Eddy and the Masons' of the Whitechapel murders is ridiculous.

Bob Hinton may feel he has himself to blame for this.

Think of a caption for this picture. Featuring Ripperologist Alan Sharp ( on the right). Winner gets to stay out of Jack Rip's Harpoon for a month, (proviso - you admit you thought of it).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This produced a rumbling laugh in SSR1, ( of the kind we enjoy anticipating) who surfed the web quickly to get you guys some good harpooning, while we wait for the two in depth studies to come up ( The Maybrick Fraud exposed, and the reasons for the discussion supression on Spryder's Jack the Ripper Casebook- Produced by himsef and SSR3. ) He laughed and said -Oh nO...

We can't encourage you strongly enough
to go on a 'cloudy day treck' round the scenes of the demolished 'Whitechapel Ripper sites' with Alan Sharp and his 2 pixel camera. Not because it has had eleven hits on it since last Wednesday* ( he has unlinked it from his blog website), but you might have lost your own copy of 'Stewart Evans' Complete JTR sourcebook'.
It's also a question to ponder if you're long in time to waste: 'Why Alan?'

"On this weblog I am intending to tell the story of the 1888 Whitechapel Murders of Jack the Ripper through photographs of the locations in which important events occurred as they look today".

There has never been a more solitary blog. Rippergoons, if you're going to start abandoning your websites , and we don't blame you, efface them altogether before they fall under SSR1's beady eye. Alan, if you want to remove a duff site from TopBlogs, change it's URL on the user profile and it'll disappear with Jack, as with your publishers.

* we accept TopBlogs is on the blink, but all the same.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

For the article of the day, Bob Hinton's Freemason identity, scroll down to the next post down from this one....

A reflection.

None of us think there's a baphomet on Mary Kelly's table. Have a look and see if you can see any similarities.

A typical baphomet idol.

Author Karen Trenouth 's diagram.

None of us can see a similarity, let alone infer a connection to the Knights Templar. There is definitely a giggle here. Karen will get over it, she's a spirited girl.

Here 's the Wikipedia definition of Baphomet, which no one appears to have had the sense to produce yet. Of course Dan Norder, prominent Ryder Casebook member who runs the 'Jack Rip' related entries on Wiki has a vested interested in making Templar symbols look like incorrect sambo rag dolls, but all the same.

What puzzles us no end is the time the web-Freemasons are spending on this issue? Bob Hinton 'Bob the Boobster' has spent a good three week's worth of energy on tearing Karen Trenouth's book apart. He's opened up threads to the purpose. eg: - you'll have to copy -paste the link.

What's worth his time?

We can't believe he's worried about diagram comparisons.

The only reason for his doing so would appear to be the allusion Karen makes to Cleveland Street.

Is Bob encouraged to go for Karen in order to discourage her or anyone else from exploring the Cleveland Street issues any further, or with any seriousness?

In our opinion he's made a complete Boob of himself.

We intend writing to his Freemason's Hall to report it.

Bob Hinton: in
falling Baphomet panick.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Karen's 'baphomet' photo is widely
thought to be of no consequence.

Karen; way too many outbursts woman, you are putting off the punters. One more and you get the hammer. Don't ask us what terrible and dreadful deed that is. No one gives a rat's crap about whether or not Magpie stole your photo. Shutup. Threaten this blog again and we leave you out at sea at high tide.

Otherwise, we like you well enough.

We've hoisted up this email from SSR5, who handes all the email entries.

You are a brat, and although you are a victim, you love victim status, and keep demanding to be the only one. It's absurd.

We don't want to hear about the baphomet. There isn't a baphomet on the table, although Cleveland Street is clearly relevant. One of the reasons the masons and stupid thugs are having a wind up here is they can see a ninny can assist them better than their own " devious means".

One more claim that they're all upon you because of this baphomet photo and you are a put upon who has solved the case and SSR1 is going to do his nut.

We let comments through so that people get get a full picture. No one started this blog in order to sell a beginners book by a shrieker.

We have erected the following blog about Bob Hinton the Corrupt Magistrate (click.)

There is now an appeal focused on exposing him.

Friday, August 18, 2006

We have been asked by our informers to counter the statement that they are this blog's authors.

It ought to be pretty clear they are not, and it will certainly be clear to the 'Ripper-thugs' at whom this blog is aimed.

These two women have given us information. They would have to be blind not to be aware of it's development.

It serves the Ripper thugs well to accuse these women of being this blog's authors because it gives them scope to launch into their evil and abusive behaviours all over the web.

One day they'll evolve from the quasi-ape.

Support the Ape Rescue Centre today.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stan Russo's mother
has committed suicide at the sight of one of her son's internet threads.

The mystery beast is exposed.

Send your answers in to Google and you can win one of Stan's internet discussion threads, where they are all in mourning.

Stan Russo has sent us numerous emails.

He can prove he is a gorilla.

We'll see.

Ms Pilon has given Mr. Dan Norder's Ripper Notes a review, based on the problems in the Tulsa Toilet.

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

A Real Stinker, August 9, 2006
Reviewer:Helen Pilon (Saskatchewan) - See all my reviews
This magazine, by Mr. Norder has a very attractive cover, but unfortunately, that's all it has going for it. I have been interested in the murders attributed to Jack the Ripper for 3 decades now and subscribed to Ripper Notes a year ago. I was not satisfied with the articles in the magazine as they seemed to cover topics completely irrelevant to the murders. I would have preferred to see more articles based on different theories and suspects, however the writers of this Ripper magazine seem obsessed with just one theory - their own! The magazine was habitually late in arriving and when it did arrive on time, it was in poor condition. Just a word of advice, you would be better off buying Stephen P. Ryder's "Public Reactions to Jack the Ripper". He does not propose any theories of his own, just letters written to the Editors of various newspapers from panicked citizens in 1888. Much more interesting than Ripper Notes.

Was this review helpful to you?

SSR, less than visible, found this review extremely helpful.

Courtesy the famous Hutton. Enjoy yourselves.


Dear Sir,

I would like to report a THEFT. A friend of mine from Birmingham recently posted me some Class A narcotics in a jiffy bag. The package, sir, never arrived, and I can only assume that a Royal Mail employee has stolen it. These vermin are clearly hiding behind the fact that I cannot complain it without incrimating myself, so they think they are safe.

Well bollocks to it. When one has chosen, as I have chosen, to devote one's life to supplying the British teenager with really good heroin, it is galling to be thwarted at every turn by petty thieves. What am I supposed to tell my customers? They were relying on that heroin to get them through their GCSEs. You are probably thinking, "Oh, so what if a few junkies don't get their drugs." But if you had seen the tears on a child's face, when it has been deprived of its fix, you might not be so thick-skinned.

So instead of mincing around in aprons at your masonic functions, like poncing great pooftahs, why don't you get out into the Post Offices for a change, and crack down on the real criminals? Or are you too busy acting the goat in your shiny new helicopters at $800 an hour?

I'm just glad I don't pay my taxes.

Yours faithfully,

H Hutton

Bob Hinton, at the Jack the Ripper Conference,
Brighton 2005.

Boob Hinton, the reputedly corrupt Magistrate, is making insiduous claims about knowledge he could not have easily obtained in respect of people we know.

He sends it via email to the contact point.

'oo hhoo hoo!' scary dude.

He's been in a panick these past few days.

Hey Boob? Love the humour on our blog?

Sure as hell works, don't it.

Just where did we get the technique, eh? And our knowledge?

Who are some of these informants of ours?

We have now reached the end of our tethers with Stan Bloody Russo.

He has actually had the nerve to contribute to a sanctimonious web announcement which in the light of his behavours is absurd.

Find his details here (click).

Ripperthugs, take note. We are in different to your responses and your stupid looning. Change your behaviours. This blog is not going to go away.

Stephen Ryder's Ripper thugs in sabotage shock.

Robert Hinton, member of Stephen Ryder's casebook website:
we're being told by four informants that he is a corrupt Magistrate.

We’ve been asked by numerous readers to take a specific look at Bob Hinton, ( jokingly to those who’re sick of his Ripper thuggery as ‘Boob’ Hinton) Robert Hinton, a British UK Magistrate- and the thugs with whom he associates in order to sabotage authors outside of Stephen Ryder’s Ripper-thug website circle- obtainable via Ryder's message boards.

Every analysis ought to present an example of incidences described and because Karen Trenouth is a recent case, we’ll be looking at what has been done to her as one example merely. We do not intend extolling the virtues of Karen’s book; that’s up to her.
If she wants to shout about her book that’s fine, but it’s not the purpose of this website to promote any one author.

However, we are prepared to do some serious work helping victims defend themselves against these Ryder Casebook ‘Ripper-thugs’ where the need arises, if the typical Ryder website sabotage has taken place.

So remember Karen Trenouth is merely an example case.

Stephen Ryder’s Jack the Ripper Casebook administrators as well as their thugs and muggins have been actively sabotaging individuals in different contexts, notably:

Sabotage -at Amazon
Sabotage- on Wikipedia
Sabotage -on the web
Sabotage -with the Magistrate
Sabotage -with Magpie productions
Sabotage- on E-bay

These sabotage attempts are notoriously headed up by

Dan Norder
Bob Hinton
Stephen Ryder
Tom Wescott

And those who do their bidding, for example:

Suzi Hanney
Philip Hutchinson ( particularly)
Thomas Schachner

With sometime contributions from other perverted corrupt ‘Ripper-thugs’ outlined on this website.

We are not biased towards Karen Trenouth. However, we do ask readers to first take a look at this ridiculous ‘book review’ written about her by Stephen Ryder’s Ripper thugs, because it demonstrates their nature. Here. Go and observe the comments box. Notice it is the Magistrate Bob Hinton who keeps on promoting this disgusting and ridiculous web-page.

On the above web-site, ( though it hardly merits the name) the Jack the Ripper Casebook ‘Ripper thugs’ print up a review of Karen’s published book written by Bob Hinton, Magistrate, and sent to Amazon-alongside a picture of her that has been distorted and sobotaged in a criminally harassing way.
Reprehensible behaviour enough for someone who's supposed to be on the Bench. We've come to expect it from the regular Ripper-Goons, but the Magistrate?

The “book reviews” type sabotage found on the sabotage websites extends to Ripperthugs printing them on Amazon-they are apparently being overlooked by Amazon. See the link here for the US Amazon. Here, alternatively for the UK Amazon. It’s clear Bob Hinton and other members of the Websites managed by Stephen Ryder, How Brown & Ivor Edwards are the authors of these 'sabotage reviews'. Notice Bob Hinton's name is everywhere, and that it's always accompanied by one or two other members of the Ryder website. Also, notice that they refer to Karen as ' Detective', which was her pseudonym on the 'Jack the Ripper websites'.

They are clearly attempting to destroy Karen’s readership and promote their own status and views.

They are acting for/with Stephen Ryder of course.

Every reader has a right to say a book is rubbish if it is, that is not a point of contention. We haven’t read Karen's book, and we have no comment to make. However, she is perfectly correct when she claims that what is happening to her is active sabotage carried out on Stephen Ryder’s instructions in association with Bob Hinton. ( The 'boobster'.)

As a matter of course, Stephen Ryder commissions his thugs to write negative and detremental reviews about anyone to disagrees with the principal theory put about on his sinister website, which is that Jack the Ripper was ‘some lone psychopath and that the case will never be solved’. Karen, whatever anyone might think about her book, does fall into that category.

Stephen Ryder’s 'Ripper thugs' regularly demonstrate a particular, near maniacal uproarious aversion to anything that relates to the Conspiracy theory or any analysis of anything relating to the Cleveland Street Scandal. Not because they’ve explored it, except to attempt to instantly destroy its relevance and promote themselves, but because any discussion relating to it exposes their inadequacy and knowledge deficit.
Their inadequacy results from jealous authors’ long term attempts to promote themselves, such as Stewart Evans', ( whose book was outshone in the 1970’s by Conspiracy theorist Stephen Knight's early errors and sometime accuracies. ( Stewart Evans is an acive participant in the Ripper -thug discussions on Stephen Ryder’s website. He quickly stopped posting as soon as this website opened. Sorry Stu that don't change anything). But there is also active supression on Stephen Ryder’s Jack the Ripper Casebook by members of the Magistrature and the Justice system in the form of Bob Hinton and his lower echelon colleagues at the BBC.
We expose the facts for people to have a look at.

As an experiment, SSR posted the following review on Karen's section at Amazon almost two weeks ago, in support of Karen’s complaint against the Ripper thugs, and to help the poor girl a little with getting at least one objective review about her book:

Good to see interest reawakened in Cleveland St 1888, 6 Aug
Reviewer: SSR "SSR" (UK) - See all my reviews

We have not read Ms Trenouth's book, but we would like to alert
the reader of Mr Hinton's and Ms Hanney's reviews that Ms Trenouth has
been victim of author sabotage generated at the Stephen Ryder
Casebook website to which these commenters belong. She has also been
victim of a proactive harassment campaign. Thus, we consider that
the reader of their reviews should consider them nul.

Stephen Ryder's casebook members are known as 'Jack the Ripper'
thugs and are not respected in the academic world. Their opinions
are considered extraneous to sensible society.

Should anyone desire an entertaining and amusing insight into who
these ridiculous thugs actually are, they are welcome to visit at

A book has the right to be judged on its own merits. Author sabotage
is not acceptable. The rest of you, take note.


Normally, it should have gone straight through. Yet, well over a week later, it still has not appeared on the Amazon review section.

How is that?
The Ripper thug’s book reviews posted to Amazon all appear on Amazon straight away; there is nothing wrong with the system.

Karen Trenouth was alerted to this. She then on our instructions had friends write three experimental reviews, which, likewise, have not appeared. They are apparently being supressed by people pulling the strings at Amazon with links to Dan Norder ( and his 'Inkling’s Press'.

Stephen Ryder's recent book is published by Inkling's Press via Dan Norder.

Karen has now written to complain to Amazon and has received a positive and shocked response from Amazon in the first instance.

Sabotage On Wikipedia

Dan Norder, editor of ‘Ripper Notes’, owner of Inkling’s Press, very strong member of Stephen Ryder’s Casebook, works for Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia, behind the scenes. He handles the entries relating to Jack the Ripper. Theories that oppse his lone psychopath theory are usually depreciated.
Dan Norder manages all 'Wikipedia' entries.

Recently he deleted references incorporating the old mag, ‘Ripperologist’ from Wikipedia.
This was obvious sabotage, and provoked a huge reaction from Chris, Ripperologist’s editor. Ripperologist dates back to the good days and it's an old rag. There was a huge row about Dan's actions on Stephen Ryder’s website message boards . Ryder has (regrettably) now deleted the link to this row, so it appears to us, unless someone can can provide alternative evidence.
What interests us is that Chris’ 'Ripperologist’ magazine tends to promote interest in the unexplored and the Conspiracy theory aspect while attempting to avoid old mistakes. It's- shall we say- the more ‘conservative rag mag’.

Why sabotage it on Wikipedia? On Stephen Ryder’s website the two editors pass as colleagues.

And what was Bob Hinton doing in the centre of the discussion?

There is something just a little creepy, in our opinion, about the recent Wikipedia review that dan Norder submitted about Patricia Cornwell, which ,instead of objectively rounding up the negative critic’s comments, launches into an insipid personal attack. Here’s the link, and we quote:

After studying the criminal brain for her 2005 book, Predator, Cornwell said she reversed her position in support of the death penalty and concluded that the mind is formed by nature and nuture acting upon each other, which does not mean that someone is chemically doomed to become a psychopathic murderer. In her interview with The Times, Cornwell used similar concepts to describe herself, saying that she was “wired differently”, in a direct reference to her struggle with bipolar disorder. “My wiring’s not perfect and there are ways that you can stabilise that. I have certain things that run in my own ancestry," she told The Times, adding, "It’s not unusual for great artistic people to have bipolar disorder, for example. The diagnosis goes back and forth but I’m pretty sure that I am. I take a mood stabili[z]er.” As a teenager she suffered from anorexia.

Why drag this up (if it's true atall) and take a poke. Why is there a personal attack here, Mr. Norder? You hardly needed one.
It is irrelevant and inappropriate.
Patricia doesn’t usually blame herself for her alleged weird behaviours, which have nothing whatsoever to do with her literature, and she doesn’t acknowledge anything of the sort? She tends to blame her stalkers, whom she fairly boldly names as Ripperologists from Stephen Ryder's website.

Illegal Sabotage on the web.

We’ve seen recently how FJL and Karen (and they are only two small examples) have been being attacked in a perfectly ridiculous way by means of prank sabotage publications etc. They both had the strength to take strictly no notice, except to report the matter to us, stating these imbecile sabotage efforts now cause them 'utter boredom'.
Ripper thugs have been attempting to damage them in this way for quite a while, and it has little or no effect on their attitude.

Readers won’t know however that our stooge, ‘OnceThereWas’-who is yet unnamed,- was hacked yesterday and is unable to access our web-site directly. When he/she accesses their computer screen he/she is met with a blank screen and the notice:
@import url(; @import url(http://www.blogg
It is easily got round, and we have assisted them. All computer wizz information welcome, however.

The sabotage all seems fairly naïve, by our own standards. Something you’d expect from imbecile crooks, which is what we believe these thugs are. Without misuse of the Internet they’d be acheiving nothing real. We would say the same for the corrupt Magistrate, despite his purported interim press connections. It does not emanate from a serious authority. We are quite clear.

We’ll let you ponder these points. More in afew, (today). Particularly in respect of the Magistrate and his sabotage groups who are stalking authors with "private detectives".

As you know, your contributions are always welcome.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The dead has arisen.

Alan Sharp comes out of the Closet.

Not to be outdone by Lavender Lady, the Stephen Ryder Casebook conspiracy tranny from Massachussets, Ripperologist Alan Sharp has written a post entitled 'I confess.'

Alan Sharp once fell onto women as does a large wardrobe.

But now he has discovered his bicycle.

Last year he wrote a post repudiating the smelly tiresome wheely things.

Alan Sharp comes out of the closet, and makes a stink.

The dead has arisen!

( As an aside if you were a teenager then it is a little moving to read the old Freddie stories.)
Stan Russo and Alan Sharp.

Since our last post, and perhaps more importantly our last but one. Ripperologist Stan Russo has written to us accusing us of creating problems with his publisher. He's seen him through the window, dialogue between them 'no longer flows', he said.

On this occasion Inklings Press threw no bananas. What is wrong? We've told him we don't know. How are we supposed to know.

Ripperologist baboob Alan Sharp has attended a book signing, where he told potential Ripper students that as did adventurers of the 1880's with the mountain summits, he explores the Jack the Ripper Case 'because it's there.'

There weren't any takers. As usual.

Readers, join the campaign and help stop these people dominating the field with their abuse and incompetence.
Stan Russo

Since printing the previous post, which we strongly encourage readers to scroll down and look at, we have received numerous threatening emails from Stan Russo, intimating we are both grossly misrepresenting and underestimating him.
'Put it right immediately' he demands, and makes a simultaneous wild, quasi hysterical appeal to 'Fellow ripperologists and historians everywhere..!".

Stan Russo

We don't like to be unfair.

Check this author out via this link.
Baboons and Grouping Round a Pack Leader

How Brown

Stan Russo and How Brown, two redundant baboons, by the reckoning of numerous e-mails we have had sent to us, (but by our reckoning, mere Ripper thugs) have opened a thread on How Brown's and Tim Mosley 'Mosshead's' unpopular Ripper website dedicated to bashing Karen's beginners' books somemore.

Stan Russo

It should be pointed out that these two Jack the Ripper "authors" are unemployed. In addition, Stan Russo has severe mental problems, and How Brown, a broken leg and nothing to do. ( We are unable to confirm whether or not How's leg was broken by another ripperologist while discussing his theory. We're not really interested.)

They have created a bogus pseudonym combining our two very different informant's names. Instead of calling Karen by her previous pseudonym, 'Detective', they have inserted another name into Karens regular pseudonym in what we suppose is an attempt to make out a) that Karen is depending on someone else for strength, and b) her attempts are futile.

We think it's important to infom a large public that backwater American Ripper thugs who no one listens to as a matter of course are looking for their asses . Stan Russo and How Brown in particular. The book they are criticising is irrelevant.

Have you nothing to do? Do your children need to be entertained? A trip to the Zoo a la Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel? go listen to ripperologists apeing.

It happens every time these is a new book published, so we thought they might like a celebration day of their own. Every Wednesday morning we'll think on these baboons.

How Brown and Stan Russo.

We thought they embarrassed themselves very well without our assistance and that there was therefore no need to intervene. Other contributors to the thread appear to be Maria Birchwood, probably an old woman with a perversion, Donald Souden, who is delighted to make the most of the occasion to try and seem as if he is not a ridiculous old pensionner, ( see his comments) Dan Norder, who runs the nose-diving 'Ripper Notes' and and a purported Jack the Ripper author named RJM who we have never heard of (and probably never will).

You need to remember that half these thugs are embittered pensionners, leftover from the 1970's era.

Here is the photo that 'How Brown' attaches to his user profile, in an attempt to look informed and knowledgable on the subject of Jack Rip, which we think is quite amusing. Perhaps we should all print public pictures of ourselves with pensive frowns receiving prestigous compliments from American quangos.

Would it sell though?

Their siteometer indicates they have had one hit today.

Again we wish to reaffirm that we have no opinions on any Jack the Ripper author's theory, but believe the world should be Ripper-thug free.
The gentleman who copyrighted the baboob pictures, to whom we apologise, has said yes that's alright but would we mention his dissertation on 'baboons and grouping around a pack leader'. We're happy to oblige.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Larry, our Stephen Ryder reporter, is not idle. He's on the Ryder dissertation follow up, " Ever since Ryder created his website"- SR however is evading his ongoing effort. We get continuous communications from riverbanks, fields, motorway exits, all kinds. We're a little tired of it. One's alone in a chemist doing something completely innocent like buying a bottle of shampoo and the mobile goes off- Larry, with one incredible explanation after another!

We receive the Ryder situation update pictures by mobile, & apologise for the quality.

In afew: Ryder Ripper thugs in sabotage shock!! Stay tuned.

Isn't it pathetic?

We received this e-mail from Karen: she's again been targeted by the 'Ripper- thugs' who write and work for Stephen Ryder, who is being shown up and disgraced by this blog.

I received this e-mail in my junk folder. Appropriate folder to appear in.


From: "the_exposers"
Subject: THEN-NOW
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 06:45:17 -0400 (EDT)

As is apparent, the 'Ripper thugs' have opened up a new blog designed to sabotage Karen's work and her authorship, where they print very detremental reviews and derogatory remarks and abusive photographs. They sent her emails containing links to their harassment. We think they behave worse than animal rights activists.


Do whatever you feel is necessary as these reviews are total crap and serious researchers and readers will not take these people seriously one bit. I have read those reviews approximately 23 times and they no longer cause any reaction in me, other than utter boredom.
Thank you.

Surely this is more disgrace to Stephen Ryder. Why won't he control his thugs?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Seeing Tom Wescott in Court:
Patricia Cornwell.

("Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell wins preliminary injunction barring unknown author from creating bogus "scandal" to promote his book "Virginia Ghost Mysteries" by falsely claiming that Cornwell had plagiarized from it." Entertainment Law Reporter, Vol. 22, No. 6, November, 2000. )

We've received a flood of information about Stephen Ryder and the Ripperthug's advanced author sabotage techniques, and we will be printing on this, shortly. Stay tuned, readers and callers, for more details on:

Sabotage -at Amazon
Sabotage- on Wikipedia
Sabotage -on the web
Sabotage -with the Magistrate
Sabotage -with Magpie productions
Sabotage- on E-bay

Ryder is nothing but a pimping thug, the internet equivalent of the Richardson gang from 'across the water', who quickly bit the dust. But that is paying him too big a compliment. He would need a map to park Ally's ass in the East End of London.

If you have any information on being sabotaged by the Ripper thugs in respect of any single one of these matters, don't hesitate to write to the blog, anonymously if you prefer.

In the meantime, we hear Tom Wescott's gunge never got to Dan Norder, and Dan Norder's Inkling's press rag mag
Ripper Notes is still very late. Ripper notes is based on ideas stolen from Newbies who appear on the Casebook message boards. This is an ongoing saga, check out the first installment here.
Here's an excerpt:

Tom has told us that the toilet has broken down; he is having problems with the chain. Dan has visited with a dog lead which he and Tom hope to attach to the cistern. As soon as this fixture is firmly in place , Tom's electronic piano pedal will reconnect in place of the toilet pedal that usually lifts the lid.
Your 'Ripper Notes' past editions will then be inserted into the bowl, and the chain flushed.
It's important to block the toilet exit so the contents of the bowl cannot escape.

The chain is pulled, the piano pedal stamped on, and Ripper Notes becomes a churning regurgitated pile of gunge. When the gunge is pure slop, it's poured into a bucket- involving lifting up the toilet itself. It is moved forward, and the slop poured out. The bucket is then carried back to Tom's shack. Over afew days it becomes a solid lump of gunge. Tom then reinserts the gunge into the toilet bowl , attaches his toilet to his moped and pedals it up to Oklahoma PD ; they place the gunge in a bucket inside a metal container, and air mail it to Dan, who on receiving it, hauls it into the kitchen, breaks the filler into pieces , and meticulously irons each piece. Ideas Casebook Members have stolen from Newbies are then hand copied onto the pages by the Wisconsin County Sherrif's detainees.

Tom Wescott
This is a long process involving the senstive matter of Tom Wescott's backyard lav-not everyone's business. He is apparently having a hard time with his nearby neighbours (he has two) who have registered a local complaint against the lavatory exit blockage which is causing Tom considerable personal upheaval.

Ally has been expressing (perhaps all too clearly?) little or no patience with the fact that she is metaphorically speaking tutting and scuffing outside the door. Ripper Notes is late, yet, again.

The latest we hear is that Patricia Cornwell is filing a complaint against a presumed associate of Tom Wescott and Dan Norder for creating a 'false scandal' in order to promote the book of their Magazine. By the last fax the rumour mill has it Tom Wescott participated in this in order to facilitate a 'toilet -mobile' on the back of her success.

Our informants have caught the new outfit on photograph, which may be an attempt by his lawyers to promote a false 'breach of privacy' arguement . It does seems as if he's getting the recycled gunge to Dan Norder at high speed for the printing stage. All your ideas will be in these pages , readers, take time to dwell on this.

Another reader has suggested Tom Wescott is merely trying to escape Oklahoma PD?

Patty, by her last fax, believes Tom 's utilising his resources and circumventing Oklahoma PD at her expense.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Karen up Close.

We wanted to put across some true images of Karen, which flagrantly confront the Ripper thugs' current underestimation of herself. Karen instigated this idea , and we, ShamingStephenRyder 1-7, are in agreement.

Let's be honest, we always are: we don't have 'Pollyanna personality' here. Dan Norder, Stan Russo and Tom Wescott (and your dunce-demon Philip Hutchinson); take that stare to bed with you, and try and get some sleep. This is a lady you don't piss off.

In short, we think there's some ' disposition' emanating from the very different woman crime writers who dismiss Stephen Ryder as a corrupt, thug rearing publication pimp. But what?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Karen and 'Shaming Stephen Ryder 1 to 7' are all pleased to hoist up an amusing and entertaining picture which had us in fits laughing, especially Karen and her husband. We are not quite sure what Sadam would be doing espousing Karen, and it re-emphasises the lack of material evidence on Stephen Ryders Casebook website, but the picture is a good response to our previous post, which we encourage readers to look at again.

We take it that the message is that Karen should never have 'espoused Dan Norder' by appearing on Casebook.

Poor Stephen Ryder! We think Sadam would pity him . Not for the lady, whose been given a lovely ass, but for the general state of disrepair on Jack the Ripper casebook ......not to mention a distinct lack of primary source material.....
Everyone got a little intense today, and that has its place but SSR prefers the humorous touch. Anyway we abandon the programme to inform you that

'Alan Sharp', double agent and idea stealer extraordinaire, comes back from 'Ben Nevis'.

Which is which?

Ripperologist Alan Sharp has the appearance of a great moving mound, and when he freezes ( and hasn't washed his hair for a week) he's easily mistaken for Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis, the scottish mountain, conversely, is cold, hard, clean, fresh and has a homecoming aspect. It is rarely mistaken for Alan. (Only by such people as go and hunt the Loch Ness monster and that sort of thing).

Alan practices these types of deception as we know.

Would you take this up the ass*sisters?
We say No!

Vixen and NML can do what they like.

* bum /ass / arse / arris
We thought we would demonstrate the depths to which these Ripper thugs stoop. We have to take this matter seriously. They have hurriedly deleted their psycho-website which they rightly were made to feel deeply ashamed of by a huge public, and the authors of their revolting endeavor have been correctly identified as Tom Wescott, Philip Hutchinson, Suzi Hanney, Daniel Hart and a woman called 'Vixen'. All of these cyberbullies have one thing in common: they are losers.

Here is a picture Philip Hutchinson put up on his now deleted web-site: he put it underneath typical Philip style nasty and inappropriate comments about a quite clearly good looking academic woman and he wrote the simple caption ' This is our opinion.'

Just who are they expecting to impress with their 'intellectual opinion?' Exactly? No one even raised a smile, obviously. Is this how they hope to gain access to the National Archives to see the Jack the Ripper letters?

We think it's important to expose the depths to which Philip Hutchinson stoops, along with Tom Wescott, as they are being investigated by their employers and Police today.

Philip Hutchinson is, at the time of writing, a tour guide for 'Golden Tours'. These employers need to be aware that although he has cleaned out his 'psycho blog,' he is still using it to make malicious statements and criminal threats against academic women he doesn't know because they informed our website of his behaviour. This is verifiable at the blog address given to his employers.

We have written a further letter to Philip Hutchinson's employers:

Dear Lynne Jimmack,

Since writing to you this morning about the abuse being carried out in public forums by one of your tour guides, Philip Hutchinson, we notice that he deleted his offending 'psycho website'. This was in order that his employers shouldn't see it.

However, we bring it to your attention that he , Daniel Hart and afew others are still stalking the innocent woman concerned and making revolting threats to her. The offending blog against this innocent girl can be found at

(take this out)city-(take this out) lo(take this out)w(take this out)

Where his unacceptable and unemployable behaviour is apparent again.

We would be grateful to hear from you with confirmation that you have dealt with this offending matter which has also been reported to Police. Full details can be found at:

Tosin, aka 'Vixen' : she's a malicious Ripperthug collaborator to beware of. Ugly, too, frighteningly ugly. Is that a wig?

'Vixen' , writer for NML's Baggage Reclaim who writes a blog called 'BadGirlsGuide' is exposed as a collaborator with Ripper thugs.

A particularly malicious and evil woman, who passes on the Internet as 'Vixen', has been brought to the attention of the 'Exposing Stephen Ryder' team and her activity is being rooted out, investigated, dealt with where relevant, and reported to Police. Watch this malicious woman. She targets women she doesn't know, and behaves like an evil thug herself. We are working hard to get her kicked off the servers.

Vixen put up a comment on a site with psychopathic content designed to cause another woman violence and mental and physical damage. We believe she had a hand in creating the evil 'Psycho blog' along with Philip Hutchinson and a small few others. The small post remaining on the blog serves well to demonstrate her evil nature. This ugly woman is nuts!

This is how she was discovered and rooted out:

coComment - Site comments by Vixen By comments from just this user. Latest comment. Comments. Site: Article. External link. 1. EXPOSING (name of vulnerable female ripperthug victim)...: Look out! WE KEEP AN EYE ON YOU! ... - 188k - 9 Aug 2006

Internet abusers: take note.

ShamingStephenRyder1 Boldly writes to Philip Hutchinson's employers exposing his Ripper Thug behaviour via this blog.

For the attention of Goldentours, head of tourguides.

RE Philip Hutchinson.

Dear Lynn Jimmack,

Please would you have a look at the following. Your tour business is being utterly disgraced by the behaviours of one of your guides, Philip Hutchinson, a professional 'ripperthug' and intimidator, who is constantly in trouble with the police.

Our website, where he and his thugs are being exposed, is very popular, and is getting 2000 hits per day. This could be utterly ruinous to your business.

We would be pleased if you would look at the matter of him threatening and intimidating authors and strangers, alot of evidence for which is found in the comments boxes on this website. There is also a link devoted (somewhat good naturedly and humorously) to exposing his many evil behaviours.

Philip has, with a number of others, erected a disgusting psychopath website, for which activity he is being exposed.
This website address is http://www.felic
(take this out)ity-(take it out) lo(take this out)w(take this out)de-lies. .

The website was erected by him and his friends in order to viciously threaten, intimidate and abuse one of our informants, who is an innocent woman in this matter(--).

See the disgrace he is. A police appeal in his regard has been put up at . Daniel Hart is a co contributor to this psychopath website.

Yours truly,


We expect you will give the matter of this disgrace your urgent attention.


The psycho-blog that Philip Hutchinson (slime colour) and his mates erected disappeared as soon as this e-mail was sent to Philip Hutchinson's employers. Isn't that an interesting coincidence.